How it Works

Thank You for choosing to be part of Chilly Mates – We are looking forward to start work with you! In this Guide we will explain the process to start to sell your wonderful Custom Print Items with us.

Chilly Mates Connect is an innovative platform that strives to bridge the gap between NFT artists and their fans and collectors. Our goal is to provide a Quality Products to clients that goes beyond simply owning a digital asset. Custom printed products with your NFT are the perfect presents for friends and family. 
With Chilly Mates you can engage with your fans and collectors on and getting the maximum exposure for your amazing NFTs.

We believe that art should be accessible to everyone, and our platform is designed to make this a reality. So whether you’re an experienced NFT artist or a budding talent, we invite you to join us on Chilly Mates Connect and take your NFTs to the next level.


5 Products for Free

Please select 5 products that you would like to add to the Chilly Mates NFT Print Shop. It can be five of the same products, or you can choose different ones. For optimal print quality, please follow the specified requirements for the selected product. Once you have made your selection, kindly send us your design files. You have the flexibility to choose 5 different designs or use the same graphic on all 5 products. The choice is entirely yours!